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Zilliqa (ZIL) has some amazing news coming up. On the 10th of June, Zilliqa will enable smart contracts. The Zilliqa team has been working on a number of issues, the most important one is working on a few issues to do with the Scilla interpreter. Scilla is an intermediate language that developers will use to write smart contracts on Zilliqa.  The key issue has been to do with how procedures handle certain types of arguments in writing smart contracts. However, the good news is that they have found a solution. To quote the Zilliqa team,

The main obstacle that has been overcome so far is how procedures should handle arguments of type Map. If they are handled in the same way as map arguments to library functions, then we incur the same performance penalties (because of copying), which is obviously undesirable. However, handling them on a call-by-reference basis (essentially passing a pointer to a map object rather than the object itself) causes difficulties in terms of verification. We have settled on simply disallowing map arguments to procedures, since they are effectively unnecessary as long as procedures are restricted to being local to a specific contract.

In essence, now that the date is set for 10th June, investors can expect that these and other issues will be fully resolved. It is a good indicator that after June 10th, Zilliqa will be ready for developers to create all kinds of smart contracts.  The chances of its uptake are also quite high due to the other aspects of the Zilliqa blockchain. For instance, due to its use of Sharding, it is able to achieve a high throughput, which is essential for the adoption of blockchain technology.

This means that by enabling smart contracts, the intrinsic value of Zilliqa will go much higher. This could see the value of this crypto rise significantly once the official announcement is made. That’s because, with the increased bullish sentiment in the market, there is a probability that this news leads to an increase in the price of Zilliqa. One altcoin, IOTA (MIOTA) is already pumping on the basis of good news with regards to the COO. If this is an indicator that the market is finally responding to the news, then Zilliqa could see its value rise significantly in the next few weeks.

But besides such a short-term pump, by enabling smart contracts on Zilliqa, the long-term value of this crypto is likely to rise significantly. Zilliqa has already shown lots of potential in terms of adoption. So far, it has gained a number of high potential partnerships, including one with Mindshare, the global advertising giant. Now that it is close to becoming a complete project, there is a high probability that more of these partnerships could come into the fold. It’s a strong project, with lots of good things for investors to look forward to.  Its future has a solid basis.


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