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IOTA (MIOTA) mentioned in Netflix drug series – No publicity is bad publicity

Crypto in movies and television series is nothing new. In 2015, Bitcoin was mentioned in the movie “Dope”. While it was largely in relation to drugs, it still helped in driving awareness about Bitcoin (BTC).  There are people who didn’t know about Bitcoin at that point, and got to know about it through this movie, and many others that followed. This awareness climaxed in 2017 when Bitcoin hit the mainstream media with its price peaking at $20k. Lately, IOTA (MIOTA) have got a similar boost in the movies, through the Netflix series, “How to sell drugs online (fast)”.

While this series associates Bitcoin (BTC), IOTA (MIOTA) and other cryptocurrencies with drugs, it is still good publicity. That’s because, there is someone out there who didn’t know about IOTA (MIOTA), but is now keen to know about it. That interest could be enlarged by the parabolic move that IOTA and other cryptocurrencies made in 2017. Someone just learning about it now could easily be drawn in the allure of riches just in case IOTA (MIOTA) repeats the crazy price moves it made in 2017.

On top of that, this series cements IOTA (MIOTA) in German pop culture, and makes it even more attractive to the younger generation. Young people love to look cool and for a currency that is highlighted in movies, as being superior and somewhat untraceable, this is a big deal. Lots of young people watching this series will perceive IOTA (MIOTA) as cool. Since IOTA (MIOTA) is already big in Germany, this perception could help grow its user numbers in the long run.

But one may argue that this association with drugs may harm it. Well, this is highly unlikely for two reasons. First, things are a whole lot different now, as compared to the early days, when crypto was largely associated with the darknet. Today, lots of information about different cryptos is available on the internet. A simple google search can give you an example of the different cryptos, including the ones most used, or likely to be used for illegal activities. Second, an internet search would also reveal that IOTA is very much mainstream, and some of its key people speak at events together with government officials in Germany and the EU. It would also reveal that, IOTA (MIOTA) is a partner to some of the largest corporations in Germany. In essence, the drug tag and the negativity around it may not hold water.

Therefore, this series is a plus for IOTA (MIOTA) and all the other mentioned coins. As more people get to know about IOTA), so will its value grow. That’s not forgetting that IOTA (MIOTA) already has lots of interesting use cases.  Publicity through movies is a catalyst for adoption for crypto already on the move. It makes IOTA a high potential crypto with lots of potential for growth.



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