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IOTA (MIOTA) on a roll: After Coordicide breakthrough comes QUBIC

IOTA is on a roll at the moment.  A few days ago, the team announced that they had made a major breakthrough on Coordicide. This saw a huge rise in the value of IOTA (MIOTA), pushing by over 20% at the time when the announcement was made. That’s because, the removal of the COO is a big deal. It means that IOTA (MIOTA) will soon be able to scale in a decentralized environment.  In fact, after the removal of the COO, IOTA (MIOTA) will be one of the biggest projects in the market, up there with Bitcoin (BTC). In fact, it could easily be bigger than Bitcoin (BTC). That’s because, without the COO, IOTA (MIOTA) won’t have the scaling issues affecting Bitcoin and other blockchain projects at the moment. Without the COO, IOTA (MIOTA) will be scalable, decentralized, and free, which beats pretty much all other projects in the market. Of course, there are other projects such as Nano (Nano) that also run on DAG technology just like IOTA (MIOTA).  The only difference is that IOTA (MIOTA) is better known, and also has much bigger partnerships.

But IOTA has not stopped at Coordicide. The team has also announced that they have made some major progress on Qubic. The IOTA team has announced some major advances on Qubic and it looks great. In a write-up in the IOTA blog, the team states the following,

The results we’ve accomplished are looking good. We now have a lot of basic IXIs that are necessary to put the Qubic puzzle together. We also have the Abra specification, the Qupla language that implements the specification, the Qubic Computation Model that integrates all entities in the system, a basic library with standard functions for Qupla, and some tools to be able to test all this. The remaining puzzle pieces are being architected as we speak so that we can start building Q-nodes.

This is a good signal and means that the IOTA foundation is making some major progress on Qubic.  Qubic, when combined with the removal of the COO, makes IOTA (MIOTA) an extremely big deal in crypto space. That’s because, on top of being feeless and infinitely scalable, thanks to the removal of the COO, Qubic will give IOTA (MIOTA) smart contract capabilities. This is one of the key factors that could see IOTA (MIOTA) gain adoption across industries.

It also means that IOTA (MIOTA) is extremely undervalued at current prices. That’s because, even before the removal of the COO and the actualization of Qubic, IOTA (MIOTA) is making moves in terms of adoption. IOTA has already seen huge adoption in the auto industry, by companies such as Volkswagen.

With all these factors at play, it’s not hard to envision IOTA (MIOTA) as one of the cryptos with the highest potential for gains once the market rebounds. It’s a good future ahead for IOTA (MIOTA).



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